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VxP Pharma – The Pharmaceutical Services Company

VxP Pharma offers a full range of contract development and manufacturing services, as well as technical and regulatory support, for the development and production of pharmaceuticals and biologics products. We offer cGMP contract manufacturing of most forms, through all phases of clinical trials, as well as commercial manufacturing dosage.

Our subject matter experts are among the industry’s best, and can provide the expertise required to accelerate your development program, and move your molecule into the clinic, and on into the market in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Let VxP help today.

VxP offers an extensive range of preclinical services to help you in the drug development process by designing, managing, and documenting your safety tests to meet regulatory requirements for your IND-enabling program. MORE >

With decades of experience working with polymorphs, salts, amorphous solid dispersions, and cocrystals, our solid state scientists are among the industry’s best. We can help you identify, understand, and enhance your compound’s properties. MORE >

VxP Pharma provides expert formulation development & pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services for virtually any dosage form. We can help bring your molecule to market quickly and cost effectively. MORE >

VxP Pharma’s team of experienced scientists can assist you in all stages of your sterile project, from lyophilization cycle development and optimization to commercial manufacturing of lyophilized products. MORE >

VxP Pharma offers parenteral development, microbiologic support, and cGMP manufacturing for both liquid and lyophilized products. Our isolator technology provides ISO class 5 processing and containment for both potent and cytotoxic products. MORE >

VxP Pharma Services provides development and manufacture of sterile solutions, dispersions, suspensions, emulsions, liposomes, and nano-particles for ophthalmic products. MORE >

VxP Pharma Services provides product development, scale–up and commercial manufacturing services for virtually every dosage form on the global pharmaceutical market. MORE >