VxP Pharma offers a complete line of flow cytometry services, from standardized testing of validated assays to tech transfer, or custom development of new assays.

Validated Assays (Non-GLP and GLP)

Validated assays can be performed as non-GLP and GLP in our analytical laboratory.  We ensure robustness and confidence in your data by validating every assay against multiple analytical performance parameters including:

  • Sensitivity
  • Specificity
  • Linear range, dynamic range
  • Limit of quantitation, limit of detection
  • Precision/reproducibility
  • Accuracy

VxP Pharma uses 8-color BD FACSVantageTM. The instruments are validated to meet GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliancy. This equipment allows for improved efficiency and reliability in evaluation and diagnosis of hematopoietic diseases.

Some of the advantages of working with us are:

  • Precise characterization of various cell populations
  • Improved detection of low-frequency abnormalities
  • High information content per tube conserves small specimens and minimizes chance of incomplete analyses
  • Reduced redundancy in use of antibodies, helping control costs
  • Fast signal acquisition for better turn – around time
  • Efficient analysis of the data generated, with concise reports

Development Services

Custom flow assays are a valuable option for our partners, especially to investigate a therapeutic target of interest.  Assays are typically developed by evaluation of multiple antibodies and titrating concentrations that can be used to stain up to 100,000 cells.  Based on the titration, antibody dilutions are made and we perform the same rigorous validation as used for all in-house assays. See also: Analytical Development & Validation