Commercial Services

VxP Pharma Services provides solid oral dosage product development, scale–up and commercial manufacturing services as well as sterile fill finish capabilities to the global pharmaceutical market. We have the capabilities and resources to implement many new and advanced technologies to your commercial program, as well as the facilities and equipment to meet the high volume requirements of our clients.

  • Technology Transfer
  • Commercial API
  • Dedicated Facilities
  • Oral Dose Manufacturing
  • Topicals
  • Dispersed Systems
  • Liquids/Solutions
  • Transdermal
  • Sterile Fill

Niche Commercial Services

  • Mini Tabs
  • Controlled Release Sprinkles
  • Hot Melt used in High Shear Granulation
  • Wax Matrix
  • Chewable Controlled Release

Full cGMP Compliance

Compliant with Title 21 CFR part 11, all data is inspected and quality audited to ensure full cGMP manufacturing compliance, accountability and document traceability.

Whether it is dosage aesthetics, special packaging requirements, or fast-track timelines, VxP Pharma will communicate with you throughout the entire program to meet and exceed your expectations.

Contact us today for a free consultation with the scientific team and discover how VxP can be a valuable resource and partner for your organization.