Some of the formulations we develop are relatively simple dry blends. Others are more challenging, and require us to tap into an extensive knowledge base, and the state-of-the-art processing equipment, to resolve wide range of issues and complete the development phase successfully.

At VxP Pharma, we offer full development services, as well as cGMP manufacturing of complex formulations. This expertise comes from working with numerous complicated formulations every day, as well as keeping up with industry developments, and also from listening to our client’s experience.

The formulations we develop include:

  • Nano-particles
  • Microspheres
  • Liposomal formulations
  • Conjugates/adjuvants
  • Lyophilized materials
  • Controlled Release (CR), Sustained Release (SR), and Modified Release (MR)
  • Multi-layer Tablets
  • Coatings
  • Spray Drying

VxP Pharma has several options for complex formulations:

  • You can transfer your own production process (and if necessary dedicated equipment) for a complex formulation to the facility and we will install the proper production line, implement an optimal process, prepare validation packages, and manufacture your product according to cGMP requirements.
  • If a specific formulation, or modification to an existing formulation, is needed, the development team will adapt to the specific needs of your molecule to ensure delivery of a stable and cost-effective product.
  • If your molecule requires the added stability of lyophilization, we can optimize the program cycles as needed and, if needed, we can also lyophilize the product in our cGMP facility.

All of these options can be combined with the fill/finish capabilities, and analytical services, to provide for you a stable drug product ready for clinical trials.

Contact us today for a free consultation with the scientific team and discover how VxP can be a valuable resource and partner for your organization.