More than 40% NCEs (new chemical entities) developed in the pharmaceutical industry are practically insoluble in water. These poorly water soluble drugs having slow drug absorption lead to inadequate bioavailability and gastrointestinal/mucosal toxicity.  Selection of a specific solubility improving method will depend on drug property, site of absorption, and required dosage form characteristics.

Techniques for Solubility Enhancement

  • Physical Modifications: Particle size reduction (micronization and nanosuspension), crystal modification (polymorphs), amorphous form and co-crystallization, drug dispersion in carriers (eutectic mixtures), solid dispersions, solid solutions and cryogenic techniques.
  • Chemical Modifications: pH stability, buffer optimization, chemical complexation and salt formation.
  • Custom Methods: Supercritical fluid process, co-solvency, addition of surfactants, solubilizers, and other novel excipients.

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