At VxP Pharma, our preclinical team has extensive in vitro diagnostic experience and a complete range of GLP/Non-GLP laboratory services available to support fully integrated programs with advanced study design and detailed data interpretation. Our experienced team of pharmacologists, ADME scientists, and preclinical support personnel have designed and performed multiple studies/experiments to investigate and address current regulatory guidelines throughout entire drug development programs.


  • In vitro metabolism studies (metabolic stability, identification, phenotyping, kinetics, drug interaction)
  • Plasma / Tissue drug and metabolite quantitation
  • ELISA assays, protein binding and drug permeability studies
  • Analytical/Bioanalytical Method Development and Method Validation (MD/MV)


  • AB Sciex ion trap/triple quadrupole mass spectrometers
  • Shimadzu HPLC systems with diode array detection
  • LIGHTSIGHT 2.1 metabolism software
  • ANALYST 1.6.2 instrument control and data acquisition software
  • MULTIQUANT 2.0 multiple reaction monitoring software
  • LabSolutions Lite 5.5

Specifically tailored, individual study designs enable our clients to quickly meet their product development goals. Our in vitro studies can be conducted with both cold and radiolabeled test materials as required.

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