Our rat models cover a broad range of disease and research applications. We have also partnered with world experts in multiple collaborations worldwide in order to validate and characterize our genetically engineered rat models. We have hundreds of “off-the-shelf” models which is currently considered one the world’s largest commercially available collections.

The available genetically engineered models are broken down into the research categories below:

  • Drug Metabolism – Bcrp
  • Immune System – Ada
  • Neuroscience (CNS) – SERT, OPRL1, Ghsr, Nrg1, Trpc4, Pde4d, Myo9a
  • Metabolic Disease/Obesity – Mc4r, Leptin
  • Cardiovascular – Sod3
  • Cancer/Toxicology – P53

Some models have not been characterized and are available either in colony or cryopreserved.  Please contact us for further availability of the lines.

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