At VxP Pharma, a complete range of in vivo pharmacology services are available to support your study guidelines and preclinical studies.  The exceptional team of scientists including toxicologists, pathologists, veterinary surgeons, regulatory specialists, and support personnel have designed and performed pharmacological testing on numerous individual study designs enabling our clients to quickly meet their product development goals.  We can customize our in vivo laboratory services to meet your unique objectives in a variety of different animal models, and in order to provide efficacy, pharmacokinetic, or toxicity data.

Our in-vivo pharmacology capabilities include:

  • Testing numerous medicinal entities, including small molecules, antibodies, siRNAs and ES cell-derived therapies
  • Inducing disease by multiple techniques, including chemical, surgical, diet, and genetic
  • Dosing by all commonly used administration routes
  • Collecting biological fluids for in vivo evaluation
  • Performing necropsies and tissue collection for histopathology, IHC, gene expression and blood chemistry
  • Executing standard or custom tailored protocols

In addition, all of the in vivo services are balanced by a network of scientists offering bioanalytical (LC/MS-MS) and biomarker analysis if needed. Please contact us for details.

Compound Dosing

  • IP, IV, SC, PO, ID standard routes
  • High pressure tail vein injections
  • Inhalation
  • Dosing in food/water
  • Intramuscular or intrarectal routes
  • IV catheters
  • Osmotic minipumps (SC or IP)
  • SC drug pellets

Experimental Methods

  • Biospecimen collection
  • Digital caliper measurements
  • In vitro cell preparation: cell isolation, culture, characterization
  • Mouse model induction
  • Necropsies, tissue harvests
  • Surgical techniques
  • SC xenograft and orthotopic transplantation

Supporting Services

  • Bioanalytical
  • Blood and urine glucose
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Histological services and IHC
  • Lipid distribution
  • Metabolic assays
  • Multiplex analysis of serum hormones and cytokines
  • Access to specialized imaging: MRI, Micro-CT, PET

Pharmacology Services by Specific Category

At VxP Pharma, we understand your needs and have the extensive experience working with the FDA, USDA, and EPA required to make your animal research projects a success.  Specifically tailored, individual study designs enable our clients to meet their product development goals and facilitate world-wide regulatory approval.  Our individualized approach to each study allows us to revise and shift directions based on your changing needs.

Contact us today for a free consultation with the scientific team and discover how VxP can be a valuable resource and partner for your organization.