A chemical compound that exists in multiple crystalline structures is known as a polymorph, and the existence of these polymorphs can lead to complications in drug efficacy and interactions.  Bioavailability, pharmacokinetics, solubility, stability, and absorption can be adversely affected by polymorphs, as each structure may have physical and chemical properties not conducive for the purpose of the desired compound.  Therefore, polymorphs should be thoroughly evaluated, and the different forms characterized, so that the most stable form can be identified.

In addition, certain polymorphic forms can be considered intellectual property, and as such are subject to IP regulation.  Polymorphic screening can protect an active pharmaceutical ingredient as your IP if you are the originator.

Our scientists can perform exhaustive and effective polymorph screens for you to determine which crystalline form will meet your project objectives.

VxP Pharma offers flexibility with a wide variety of solid state services and provides consistency in the final product that your project requires.  Support from our manufacturing staff and development experts will ensure you quickly receive the best formulation of your specific drug compound.  It’s our goal to provide you with the manufacturing resources and analytical capabilities to keep your project on time and on budget. We offer a full range of solid state manufacturing, testing, and stability services.

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We are strictly “Fee for Service”, and retain no IP. As a result, any and all improvements to our client’s IP belong solely to that client. You can also be assured that all work is performed under strict confidentiality.

Our state-of-the-art labs are staffed by some of the best trained and most experienced subject matter experts in the field.

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